Biostatistics Information Technology Committee: BIT Committee

Student Computing Club

The student computing club provides students opportunities to develop computing skills that are useful for biostatisticians. The current site is here.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Students with High Performance Computing needs can access the JHPCE cluster. Detailed information about JHPCE resources can be found here.


9 times out of 10, this is the list to use. This is the list to send "how-to" or "why doesn't this work" kinds of questions. Many power-users are on this list. They could be faculty, postdocs, students, etc. The sysAdmins are on this list. Here is where you ask application or programming questions, e.g. questions about R, Bio-conductor, Perl,SAS, C, Sun Grid Engine, etc. This list is also used by the maintainers of various community tools and resources (e.g. R, perl, etc.). Ask to join the bithelp list if you want to contribute your wisdom or just stay on top of developments. The list has dozens of members. To be added to the bithelp list, just send a request to the bitsupport list (described below).

The bitsupport list is how you communicate with the folks whose job it is to keep the system running. Send requests for system-level and administrative issues to this list. This list is monitored by only 5 people, including the support staff and two faculty: Fernando Pineda and Roger Peng.

Last Modified: Thu Sep 17 2014