Hopkins Biostatistics Student Computing Club (2005-2006)

For an up-to-date schedule of the computing club activities please visit the 2009-10 schedule. We have kept this schedule available as a reference for the good notes that are available here.

Old Schedule and Notes

Day   Time   Topic   Notes
Fri 9/9 12:00-1:15pm Introduction to deparmental computing facility (Rafa) Notes
Fri 9/23 12:00-1:15pm Introduction to linux, emacs, LaTeX and R (Karl) unix,emacs,latex,R
Fri 10/7 12:00-1:15pm Everything you ever wanted to know about R but were afraid to ask... (Rafa)
Fri 10/28 12:00-1:15pm Using the Cluster (Fernando)
Fri 11/11 12:00-1:15pm How to make a webpage (Karl) handout [pdf | powerpoint]
Fri 12/9 12:00-12:45pm How to use ESS (Brian)
Fri 2/10 12:00-1:15pm Critique R code
Fri 2/24 1:30-3:00pm An introduction to Bibtex and Jabref (Rongheng) Slides
Fri 4/7 12:00-1:15pm Dynamic reports using R and Latex (Snaebjorn) Notes
Fri 4/21 12:00-1:15pm Introduction to Sweave (Roger) files [cacheSweave.R | example.Rnw | Sweave.sh]
Fri 5/12 12:00-1:15pm Good practices for simulations (Brian) Qing's Simulation Protocol

Other resources

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