Hopkins Biostatistics Student Computing Club (2008-2009)

For an up-to-date schedule of the computing club activities please visit the 2009-10 schedule. We have kept this schedule available as a reference for the good notes that are available here.

If you have further suggestions for topics, please send an email to Jon Benenson or George Wu.

Room: W2015

Schedule: We are in W2015. Pizza all the time! GW 1/29/2009

Day   Time   Topic   Notes   Pizza?
Thu 9/11 12:00-1:15pm Introduction to Departmental Computing (Roger) Yes
Thu 9/25 12:00-1:15pm Set up your laptop! PC Notes | Mac No
Thu 10/9 12:00-1:15pm Explaining Enigma (TBD) Yes
Thu 10/23 12:00-1:15pm Tips and Tricks (Student Discussion) Yes
Thu 11/6 12:00-1:15pm Introduction to Emacs and ESS (TBD) No
Thu 11/20 12:00-1:15pm Caffo Computing: Assortment of Tips #1 Caffo Notes Yes
Thu 12/4 12:00-1:15pm Webpages (Roger) Webpage Example No
Thu 2/5 12:00-1:15pm The Manipulation, Analysis, and Exploration of Large Matrices in R (Hector and Rob) Hector Notes YES
Fri 3/6 12:00-1:15pm Gmail (Bruce) IN BIOSTAT LIBRARY!! GMAIL Notes YES

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