The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was founded in 1918 and included the Department of Biometry and Vital Statistics, a precursor to the Biostatistics Department of today. This was the first academic department of statistical science in the world.


Below are the names of people who played a key role in our department's development:


Raymond Pearl (Chair: 1919-1926)
Lowell Reed (Chair: 1926-1948)
Margaret Merrell (Faculty Member: 1925-1959)
William Cochran (Chair: 1948-1958)
Paul Meier (Faculty Member: 1952-1957)
Jerome Cornfield (Chair: 1958-1960)
David Duncan (Faculty Member: 1960-1984)
Allyn Kimball (Faculty Member: 1960-1984; Chair: 1960-1966)
Helen Abbey (Faculty Member: 1951-2001)
Alan Gittelsohn (Faculty Member: 1964-1992)
Alan Ross (Faculty Member: 1964-1996; Chair: 1967-1981)


Department of Biostatistics, 1936-37
Left to right, standing: Unknown, Morton Kramer, Paul Densen, unknown, Ed Crosby, Margaret Palmer
Left to right, seated: Velma Scruton, Lowell Reed, Margaret Merrell






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