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Aging research: Bandeen-Roche

Applied statistics: Ji; Lindquist; Peng; Stuart; Taub; Yenokyan

Bayesian statistics: Crainiceanu; Frangakis;Ji; Stuart

Cancer statistics: Diener-West

Causal inference: Frangakis; Ogburn; Rosenblum; Scharfstein; Stuart

Clinical trials: Diener-West; Diggle; Frangakis;Moulton; Rosenblum; Scharfstein; Stuart; Tonascia; Wang

Disease surveillance: Colantuoni; Zeger

Environmental statistics: Crainiceanu; Curriero; Diggle; McDermott; Peng; Rohde; C. Thompson; R. Thompson; Zeger

Epidemiologic statistics: Diggle; Frangakis; McDermott; Moulton; Munoz; Ogburn; Wang; Yenokyan; Zeger

Foundations of inference: Frangakis

Generalized linear models: Caffo; Crainiceanu; Rohde; Rosenblum; Zipunnikov

Genomics: Ji; Ruczinski; Taub

Hierarchical models: Crainiceanu; Ji; Stuart; Zipunnikov

High-dimensional inference: Eloyan; Zipunnikov

HIV/AIDS: Moulton; Munoz; Rosenblum; Scharfstein; Wang

Human genetics: Ruczinski; Taub

Image analysis: Betz; Caffo; Eloyan; Lindquist; Zipunnikov

Latent variable models: Bandeen-Roche; Eloyan

Linear models: Rohde; Zipunnikov

Longitudinal data analysis: Bandeen-Roche; Diggle; Eloyan; Frangakis; Moulton; Munoz; Rosenblum; Scharfstein; Stuart; Wang; Zeger; Zipunnikov

Mathematical modeling: McGready; R. Thompson

Mental Health: Bandeen-Roche; Frangakis; Scharfstein; Stuart

Missing data models: Frangakis; Rosenblum; Scharfstein; Stuart; Wang

Multivariate analysis: Bandeen-Roche; Eloyan; Rohde; C. Thompson; Zipunnikov

Multivariate survival analysis: Bandeen-Roche

Non-parametric statistics: Crainiceanu; Eloyan; Zipunnikov

Numerical analysis: Caffo; Eloyan; Tonascia; Zipunnikov

Ophthalmologic statistics: Bandeen-Roche; Diener-West; Tonascia

Regression analysis: Bandeen-Roche; Crainiceanu; Eloyan; Moulton; Rohde; Rosenblum; Zeger; Zipunnikov

Risk assessment: Scharfstein; R. Thompson

Semi-parametric models: Crainiceanu; Eloyan; Ogburn; Scharfstein; Wang

Signal processing: Eloyan; Lindquist; Zipunnikov

Social science statistics: Bandeen-Roche; McGready; Ogburn; Stuart; C. Thompson

Spatial statistics: Curriero; Diggle

Statistical computing: Crainiceanu; Curriero; Ji; McGready; Peng; Tonascia

Statistical consulting: Betz; Colantuoni; McGready; C. Thompson; R. Thompson; Yenokyan; Zeger

Statistical education: Betz; Diener-West; McGready

Statistical genetics: Ji; Taub

Statistical machine learning:Eloyan; Zipunnikov

Stochastic processes: Wang

Survival analysis: Munoz; Scharfstein; Wang

Time series analysis: Crainiceanu; Lindquist; Zeger; Zipunnikov

Vaccines: Moulton; Ogburn


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