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Working Group Organizer: Mei-Cheng Wang

1997-98 Schedule of Presentations

Date: November 21, 1997
Presenter: Donald Hoover, Senior Research Statistician, Merck Research Laboratories
Title: Longitudinal Study Designs and Problems

Date: December 12, 1997
Presenter: Daniel Scharfstein, Johns Hopkins University Department of Biostatistics
Title: Adjusting for Non-Ignorable Non-Response Using Semiparametric Non-Response Models

Date: January 9, 1998
Presenter: Wenzheng Huang, Johns Hopkins University Department of Biostatistics
Title: A Joint Analysis of Longitudinal and Survival Data Using DIscrete Latent Variables

Date: January 23, 1998
Presenter: Sarah Gray, Johns Hopkins University Department of Biostatistics
Title: Estimating a Treatment Effect from Multidimensional Longitudinal Data

Date: February 13, 1998
Presenter: James Robins, Harvard University Department of Biostatistics
Title: Current Issues in Causal Inference from Complex Longitudinal Data: Part II

Date: March 6, 1998
Presenter: Paul Albert, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Title: Modeling Repeated Measures with Monotonic Ordinal Responses and Misclassification, with Applications to Studying Maturation

Date: March 20, 1998
Presenter: Jane Xu, Johns Hopkins Department of Biostatistics
Title: Introducing Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Date: April 3, 1998
Presenter: Margaret Wu, National Institutes of Health
Title: Adjusting for Missingness Using Summary Statistics for Repeated Measures with Random Effects and Informative Missing Data

Date: April 17, 1998
Presenter: Joe Hogan, Brown University
Title: A Mixture model for Repeated Measures Data with Both Informative and Non-Informative Dropout

Date: May 8, 1998
Presenter: Agnes Hsiung, National Health Research Institute, Taiwan
Title: Some Models and Analysis for Multiple Event-time Data with Frailty

Date: May 15, 1998
Presenter: Jing Qin, University of Maryland, College Park
Title: Empirical Likelihood


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