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Working Group Organizer: Mei-Cheng Wang

1998-99 Schedule of Presentations

Date: August 2, 1998
Presenter: Dr. Chun-houh Chen, Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Title: Generalized Association Plots (GAP):Dimension Free Information Visualization Environment for Multivariate Data Structure

Date: October 2, 1998
Presenter: Francesca Dominici, Visiting Asst Prof of Biostatistics
Title: Effects of the Measurement Error in Air Pollution Studies: Hierarchical Models for Synthesizing Incomplete Evidence on the Personal Exposure-Ambient Concentration Relationship

Date: October 9, 1998
Presenter:Diana Miglioretti, PhD Candidate in Biostatistics
Title:Template Mixture Models for Image Analysis

Date:October 16, 1998
Presenter: Scott Zeger, Prof & Chair of Biostatistics
Title: Surrogate End Points -- Joint Models of Time-to-Event and Repeated Measure Data

Date:November 6, 1998
Presenter: Yingqing Chen, PhD Candidate in Biostatistics
Title: Analysis of Accelerated Hazards Models

Date:November 20, 1998
Presenter: Dr. Joanna Shih, NHLBI, NIH
Title: Modeling Multivariate Discrete Failure Time Data

Date:December 11, 1998
Presenter: J. Antonio Escamillo, PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins Dept of Epidemiology
Title: Air Pollution and Fatal Acute Myocardial Infarction in Mexico City: A Case-Crossover Approach

Date:March 19, 1999
Presenter: Rafael Irizarry, Asst Professor of Biostatistics
Title: Applications of Harmonic Analysis in the Study of Circadian Patterns

Date:March 23, 1999
Presenter: Clayton Brown, PhD Candidate in Biostatistics
Title: Approximating Rate of Change Under an Informative Missing Mechanism

Date:April 9, 1999
Presenter: Colin McCulloch, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Title: Statistical Issues in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Date:April 23, 1999
Presenter: Jeffrey Blume, PhD Candidate, Biostatistics
Title: Constant Monitoring, Armitage's Paradox, and the Law of Likelihood

Date:June 4, 1999
Presenter: Zhong Li, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
Title: Bioinformatics: An Introduction to Biological Data Management and Analysis

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