Welcome to the Department of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Our Department was the first academic department of statistics in the United States, founded in 1918. Its major goal, achieved through education and research, is to enhance and promote effective statistical reasoning and its application in health research and ultimately, to advance the public's health.

Today the Department is chaired by Dr. Karen Bandeen-Roche and has approximately 45 full-time faculty and approximately 50 full-time students, most of whom are doctoral candidates. Our faculty and students conduct research across the spectrum of statistical science from foundations of inference to the discovery of new methodology to health applications.

The Department offers the PhDScM, and MHS (Master's of Health Science) in  biostatistics to students earning a PhD in another department of the school and to those health professionals who already have an advanced degree (ie, MD or PhD). We also offer an NIH-funded training opportunity in the epidemiology and biostatistics of aging.

All faculty and students are required to adhere to the School of Public Health's academic ethics code.  Click here for more information about academic ethics.

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