reproducible research pipeline

Welcome to the Reproducible Research Archive hosted by the Department of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

What is the Archive?

The purpose of the Reproducible Research Archive is to provide a home for the data and methods associated with statistical data analyses so that others may access them and reproduce findings in the published literature. We currently in the beginning stages of setting things up so please bear with us as we get started.


The Archive provides space for you to upload your statistical analyses and associate it with a unique identification string. Once on the Archive, others will be able to find your analysis and download it to their own machines.

Reuse, Improve

Obtaining the data and code for a particular statistical analysis is often difficult because of a variety of reasons. The Archive provides a central repository for finding statistical analyses described in published papers. With an identification string, you can retrieve all of the data and code associated with that analysis and reproduce or improve upon the original findings.