Here we've listed some external resources students might find useful.*


Google: Probably the best resource for R and LaTeX
Great general computing resource from UCLA

R reference card
Quick R: Tutorials to recreate nice graphs
R Bloggers: Tutorials for R
ggplot2: Package for really nice R graphicss

LaTeX commands reference
Word count tool for Tex documents
Sample templates for Tex documents
Detexify: Draw a math symbol, and this website will tell you the LaTeX code for it!

Dropbox: Online file storage that allows multiple users to edit the same documents
Mendeley: pdf organization
The Linux Documentation Project

Codecademy: Free interactive lessons on coding in a variety of languages

Hilary Parker's description of her software setup for PCs
Alyssa Frazee's description of her software setup for MACs


All Platforms

R: The language of academic stats
R Studio: A nicer development environment for R that's very easy to use (need to install in addition to R)
Texmaker: An awesome editor to make creating LaTeX based files much easier, with great organization, code completion, spell checker, and error handling
git: Version control & backup system


Miktex: The core set of files you'll need to install to create LaTeX based documents and presentations.
Notepad++: A great script editor to use for R, Unix scripts, or almost any other language
NppToR: Combined with Notepad++, this will let you send chunks of code to an R console on your computer, or to any text based console on the cluster PuTTY: Lets you connect to the cluster
WinSCP: Lets you move files on and off the cluster
Xming: Lets you use interactive graphics on the cluster
Sumatra: A pdf viewer some people like



Other Resources

2011 Statistical computing course (BST 140.776)
Setting up password-less logins
Biostatistics Information Technology (BIT) committee home page

*Note: Many of these links were copy pasted from Alyssa Frazee's excellent resource list that was posted as part of the Computing Club's website last year.