BST 140.776 Statistical Computing

Instructors: Karl Broman, Brian Caffo, Rafael Irizarry, Roger Peng, Ingo Ruczinski
TA: Benilton Carvalho
Class Times: 3:30-4:50 MF
Class Room: Wolfe W4019
TA Office Hours: T-TH 1:00-2:00 in E3009
Required Course Materials: Access to a computer, account on athena
Student Evaluation: Four computing assignments

HW1 as a pdf file. Please hand in on Wednesday 9/22/04 by emailing your LaTeX file to Benilton. You will need to read in this postscripf file.
HW2 as a pdf file. The solutions as R code.
HW 3 was due October 18th.
Homework 4 as a pdf file. The solutions as a gzipped tar file.

Lecture Topic Instructor(s) Notes/Materials/links
9/3 unix/linux
Rafa and Brian Rafa's notes on Unix/Linux
Brian's notes Linux/Windows
Brian's notes on bash
Some software links for Windows

9/10 emacs Brian Brian's notes on emacs and free software
Some instructions on downloading and installing NT emacs and some emacs links

9/13 LaTeX Brian Brian's notes on LaTeX
Some notes on installing auctex on MS Windows
LaTeX links

9/17 LaTeX Brian A quick note on Make
Web site of LaTeX documentation
The not so short introduction to LaTeX
Using imported graphics in LaTeX

9/20 R Ingo Ingo's notes on R - Part 1: Getting Started
Ingo's notes on R - Part 2: Data Types and Manipulation
Introduction to R: CRAN
Introduction to R: Karl's web page
R reference card
CRAN webpage
R project webpage
R mode for WinEdit

9/24 R Ingo Ingo's notes on R - Part 3: Data Import/Export
Ingo's notes on R - Part 4: Computing/Programming

9/27 R Ingo Ingo's notes on R - Part 5: Graphics and Statistics

10/1 Coding Practices
Version Control
Karl and Roger Karl's notes on coding practices
Some references on coding practice

10/4 R Roger Roger's older notes on R
Roger's older notes on debugging
Roger's notes on R debugging
Roger's notes on object oriented programming in R
Roger's notes on version control

10/8 R Packages Rafa Rafa's notes on building R packages
The R package that he built in class
Writing R Extensions

10/11 R Packages
Literate Programming
Rafa HW3 as a pdf file
The R package Rafa wrote in class

10/15 C, R's C API Karl Karl's notes on C programming
Some C references
Karl's C code
How to expand a tar.gz file

10/18 C, R's C API Karl HW4 as a pdf file

10/22 C, R's C API Karl Karl's notes on C programming III
Example C/R Code

10/25 .Call in R
Brian and Ingo Brian's .Call notes
the code for the examples from the notes
Ingo's Mathematica notes
A Mathematica notebook
Wolfram homepage
Wolfram infocenter
FAQ page
Another page with tips and tricks
Some Mathematica fonts for the X environment
Installing the Mathematica fonts