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Title Authors Journal Materials Article
Restricted likelihood ratio tests for functional effects in the functional linear model Bruce Swihart, Jeff Goldsmith, Ciprian Crainiceanu Technometrics, 2013 PDF
Modeling populations of sleep hypnograms Bruce Swihart, Ciprian Crainiceanu, Naresh Punjabi Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (2013, submitted) ZIP PDF
A unifying framework for marginalized random-intercept models of correlated binary outcomes Bruce Swihart, Brian Caffo, Ciprian Crainiceanu International Statistical Review, 2013 PDF
Practical marginalized multilevel models Michael Griswold, Bruce Swihart, Brian Caffo, Scott Zeger STAT (2013) ZIP PDF
Combining hidden-Markov models for comparing the dynamics of multiple sleep electroencephalograms Roland Langrock, Bruce Swihart, Brian Caffo, Naresh Punjabi, Ciprian Crainiceanu Statistics in Medicine (2013) PDF
Mixed effect Poisson log-linear models for clinical and epidemiological sleep hypnogram data Bruce Swihart, Brian Caffo, Ciprian Crainiceanu, Naresh Punjabi Statistics in Medicine (2012) PDF
Utility of Sleep Stage Transitions in Assessing Sleep Continuity Alison Laffan, Brian Caffo, Bruce Swihart, Naresh Punjabi Sleep (2010) PDF
Lasagna plots: a saucy alternative to spaghetti plots Bruce Swihart, Brian Caffo, Bryan James, Matthew Strand, Brian Schwartz, Naresh Punjabi Epidemiology (2009) Supplemental eAppendix PDF
CPAP Pressure Requirements for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients at Varying Altitudes David Patz, Bruce Swihart, David White Sleep Web Abstract
Monotone Nonparametric Regression and Confidence Intervals Matthew Strand, Yu Zhang, Bruce Swihart Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation PDF
The roles of dominos and nonsimultaneous chains in kidney paired donation Sommer Gentry, Robert Montgomery, Bruce Swihart, Dorry Segev American Journal of Transplantation PDF
An Overview of Observational Sleep Research with Application to Sleep Stage Transitioning Brian Caffo, Bruce Swihart, Alison Laffan, Ciprian Crainiceanu, Naresh Punjabi Chance PDF
Characterizing sleep structure using the hypnogram Bruce Swihart, Brian Caffo, Karen Bandeen-Roche, Naresh Punjabi Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine PDF
The Effect of Altitude Descent on Obstructive Sleep Apnea David Patz, Mark Spoon, Richard Corbin, Michael Patz, Louise Dover, Bruce Swihart, David White Chest PDF