Chen Yue

PhD candidate
Department of Biostatistics
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

About ME

Welcome to my personal website! I am currently a PhD candidate in Department of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins Bloomeberg School of Public Health. My advisor is Dr. Brian S. Caffo and my co-advisor is Dr. Vadim Zipunnikov. I am a member of Hopkins S.M.A.R.T. Group.

My research interests focus on brain imaging data. Currently I am working on shape analysis of white matter tracts (Corpus Callosum) in human brain. Meanwhile, I am also working on evaluating the reproducibility of graphical measurements, such as brain connectivity map obtained from fMRI experiment. I am also collaborating with Division of Neuroradiology and Division of Clinical Pharmacology at Hopkins School of Medicine on PET and SPECT data analysis.

  • Prior to Hopkins, I got both my MS and BS degree in Mathematics at Tsinghua University, Department of Mathematical Science. My master's thesis advisor was Dr. Ying Yang.
  • My master's thesis focused on modelling longitudinal count data with overdispersion. We discussed the situation where the overdispersion parameter is allowed to vary over time. [Paper]
At Hopkins biostats, we have our bi-weekly students journal club and computing club. Also we do enjoy our annual department scientific retreat and our annual chili party!
Useful Links

Visit my research group--SMART group. Our group is founded by Dr.Brian Caffo and Dr. Ciprian Crainiceanu.


A free, powerful statistical tool. I did most of my research with R. For more inforamtion about R, visit CRAN@R.


A convenient tool for version control. It is super useful when you are collaborating with someone else on coding and writing papers. For more information about Git, register on Github and visit Git.


A cool statistical blog organized by Dr. Jeff Leek, Dr Roger Peng and Dr.Rafa Irizarry.

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