Score your beta sheets! Beta Sheet Scores - 2 Strands

This page enables you to calculate the probability of the sheet motif, given the loop lengths between the strands, and the type of protein. The radio buttons have pre-selected values that you can change by clicking around. You have to specify the sequence of strands (certain permutations of the numbers 1 through n, where n is the number of strands in the sheet), the strand orientations (up or down), the loop lengths between the strands (long or short), and the type of protein (all beta or alpha/beta). After you filled out the form, click the execute button at the end of the page. Click on the Huh?s for help.

Specify the strand sequence: Huh?

Select a position for each strand. You can not choose the same position twice - it will give you an error on the output form!

strand 1 1
strand 2 2

Specify the strand orientation: Huh?

Select the orientation for each strand. 0 is up, 1 is down.

strand 1 0
strand 2 0 1

Specify the loop lengths: Huh?

Select the loop lengths between each pair of strands. 0 is short (10 residues or less), 1 is long (more than ten residues).

loop 1 0 1

Specify the type of the protein: Huh?

Select the type of the protein. alpha/beta are proteins with at least 20% of the residues in a helix, all beta proteins have less than 20% of the residues in a helix.

alpha/beta all beta

Done? Click the execute button!

For questions please contact Ingo Ruczinski.