Statistics for Laboratory Scientists

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Date N R C H L P  Topic
May17 Miscellaneous topics
May15 Miscellaneous topics
May13 Miscellaneous topics
May10 Linear mixed effects - ANOVA
May8 Linear mixed effects - longitudinal data analysis
May6 Survival analysis
May3 Logistic regression
May1 Non-linear regression
April28 Multiple linear regression
April26 Multiple linear regression
April24 Multiple linear regression
April22 Regression and correlation
April19 Prediction and calibration
April17 Linear regression
April15 Linear regression
April12 Correlation
April10 Analysis of variance - two-way models
April8 Analysis of variance - two-way models
April5 Analysis of variance - nested models
April3 Analysis of variance - non-parametric methods
April1 Analysis of variance - model assumptions and diagnostics
March29 Analysis of variance - multiple comparisons
March27 Analysis of variance
March25 Analysis of variance