JHSPH Student Assembly
I served from 2006-2008 as the departmental representative for biostatistics in the student assembly. I was a member of the communications committee, which supports the email and website capabilities of student assembly and student groups, as well as the student groups committee, which facilitates the incorporation of new student groups and the functioning of current groups. In 2007, I wrote for the assembly's newsletter, The Biased Observer.
Student Journal Club
During the 2007-2008 school year, I was a co-coordinator with classmate Hong Zhu of the Department of Biostatistics Student Journal Club. We helped select articles and organize meetings where one or more students led discussion of articles.
JHU Modern Dance Company
In my free time, I enjoy dancing, and for the last four years I have danced with the Johns Hopkins Modern Dance Company on the Homewood campus. We focus on artistic dance, especially the Nikolais-Louis technique of modern dance, and we perform at various functions around Baltimore, as well as at our Spring Concert in April.