Biostatistics Student Journal Club



Meetings every other Friday, 12-1 pm, room W4019

Date        Presenter               Article                                                                      Pizza

Sept. 4       Jennifer Feder              Statistical research: Some advice for beginners [.pdf]              yes

                     Slides [.pdf]                Hamada and Sitter

                                                        American Statistician (2004) vol. 58 (2) pp. 93-101

                                                        Discussion (Rubin, Gelfand) [.pdf]               

Sept. 18     Bruce Swihart               The Abuse of Power [.pdf]                                                         yes

                     Slides [.pdf]                Hoenig and Heisey

                                                        The American Statistician (2001)


                                                        Some practical guidelines for effective sample size

                                                            determination [.pdf]


                                                        The American Statistician (2001)

Oct. 2         Jenna Krall                   Regression to the mean: what it is and how to deal                 yes

                                                            with it [.pdf]

                                                        Barnett et al.

                                                        International Journal of Epidemiology (2005) vol. 34


                                                        Do baseball players regress toward the mean? [.pdf]

                                                        Schall and Smith

                                                        American Statistician (2000) pp. 231-235

Oct. 16       Jessie Myers                Propensity score methods for bias reduction in the                 yes

                                                            comparison of a treatment to a non-randomized

                                                            control group.

                                                        D'Agostino Jr.

                                                        Statistics in Medicine (1998) vol. 17 (19) [.pdf]


                                                        The central role of the propensity score in observational

                                                            studies for causal effects.

                                                        Rosenbaum and Rubin.

                                                        Biometrika (1983) vol. 70 (1) pp. 41-55 [.pdf]

Oct. 30       Nick Reich                    When Zombies Attack!: Mathematical Modelling of an           yes

                      handout [.pdf]                Outbreak of Zombie Infection [.pdf]

                                                        Munz, et. al.

                                                        Infectious Disease Modelling Research Progress (2009)

Nov. 13      Matt McCall                  Frozen Robust Multi-Array Analysis (fRMA) [.pdf]                   yes

                                                       McCall, et al.

                                                       Johns Hopkins University (2009)  

Dec. 11      Nathan James             Repairing Tom Swift's electric factor analysis                          yes

                      slides [.pdf]                   machine. [.pdf]


                                                       Understanding Statistics (2003) vol. 2 (1) pp. 13-43  

Winter break

Jan. 29      Haley Hedlin,               Discussion about summer internships                                    yes

                  Bruce Swihart                     Motivating article: Find an Internship, Amstat News

                      slides [.pdf]              Additional information about writing cover letters and CVs,

                                                             and contact information for NIH internships

Feb. 12                                          ***CANCELED due to snow storm***
Mar. 5       Hilary Parker                The Netflix Challenge                                                             yes

                                                          The BellKor solution to the Netflix Prize [2007,2008,2009]

Mar. 12     Simina Boca                 Note: room changed to W2015 for today                           yes

                                                      The case for objective Bayesian analysis [.pdf]


                                                       Bayesian Analysis (2006) vol. 1 (3) pp. 385-402

Apr. 2        Vidya Venugopal          ***CANCELED***

Apr. 30      Vivienne Thairu            Title: The role of sampling weights when modeling               yes

                                                           survey data [.pdf]


                                                       International Statistical Review, Vol. 61 No. 2 Aug,

                                                          1993 pp. 317-337.   

May 14      George Wu                   How to read the statistical methods literature: A guide         yes

                                                           for students [.pdf]


                                                       American Statistician (1997) vol. 51 (2) pp. 155-157


                                                       Writing technical papers or reports [.pdf]


                                                       American Statistician (1982)

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