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  • September 2015. Migrated website to GitHub.
  • March 2015. Updated teaching, publications, and CV.
  • March 2014. Updated Genomics for Students, teaching, and research tabs.
  • September 10 2013. Updated website, fixed Twitter widget.
  • April 14 2013. Added the Genomics for students page.
  • April 03 2013. Updated all main pages in the website: index, research, CV, publications, teaching.
  • Aug 20 2012. I have completed my website! It includes the material for many of the courses I taught previously and that I had been lazy to share. I also added my cv, posters, talks, etc.
  • Aug 14 2012. I am starting a research project with Rafael Irizarry and Jeffrey Leek. Got plenty to do!
  • Website is up and running! It will replace my basic JHSPH information page.


Through Twitter you can follow me as I post new material in my blog, the Salmoblog (Spanish mostly) and elsewhere.


  • Address: 615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E3032, Baltimore MD 21205-2179, United States
  • Office Phone: (410) 614 - 5424. It is best to contact me by email!
  • Email: lcollado ^^ jhu DOT edu
  • Fax: (410) 955 - 0958.
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