1. I am a teaching assistant for Statistical Methods in Public Health I (140.621), II (140.622) courses.


  1. I was a teaching assistant for Statistical Methods in Public Health I (140.621), II (140.622), III (140.623), and IV (140.624) courses.


While working at Winter Genomics I taught two courses for students of the Biomedical Sciences PhD Program (PDCB) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
  1. Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing data with Bioconductor Aug-Dec 2010.
  2. Introduction to R and Biostatistics (along with two other teachers)


While I was at the Institute of Biotechnology (UNAM) working with the Winter Genomics crew I organized two courses. One was a series of various bioinformatics and biology mini-courses and another one involved members of different institutions.
  1. Introduction to R for bench biologists Oct-Nov 2009. This mini-course has quite a bit of material on learning how to make plots with R.
  2. Métodos Estadísticos y Analíticos de Datos Genómicos (Statistical Methods and Analysis of Genomic Data) Jan 2010. This one week course had lectures about Perl, using a Cluster, high-throughput technologies, R and Bioconductor, C, and biology overviews.


I taught three courses for my peers during my undergrad stage at the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences (LCG). Each of these courses has its own website organizing the material. These were:
  1. Intensive course on R/Bioconductor Oct-Nov 2008 (Spanish)
  2. Principles of Statistics Feb-June 2009 (Spanish)
  3. Seminar III: R/Bioconductor Aug-Dec 2009 (Spanish English)

Spanish = material in Spanish. English = material in English.


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