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Computing environment

Navigating the Biostat Computing Environment (The document distributed at the new student lunch.)

Introduction for new students


Student computing club

Notes for Statistical Computing Class (BST 140.776). Includes notes on unix, emacs, latex, R, and C.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

In addition to desktop computing for faculty and students, the Department of Biostatistics runs a high performance computing facility. Known as the High Performance Scientific Computing Center (HPSCC), it is housed in the Department of Biostatistics and is used by the entire School of Public Health as well as the School of Medicine. The HPSCC's mission is to create a high-performance computing environment to support research in biostatistics, statistical genetics, computational biology and bioinformatics.

Using the high performance computing cluster


Setting up password-less logins using SSH

Setting up a Mac

Setting up a personal R package library on Enigma

A collection of software (R, bowtie, samtools, etc) for the Biostat cluster maintained by a group of non-sysadmins

Emacs resources for Windows

Biostatistics printers

Installing your own R on enigma [Under construction]

Best practices

To avoid spyware, pop-ups and other annoyances use the Mozilla Firefox browser instead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Avoid sending HTML formatted emails. Use text instead (see why).

Avoid sending Microsoft Word documents as attachments (learn why).

Avoid saving files in program/platform specific formats when possible. For example, in Word save as rich text format (RTF) or text and in Excel save as tab or comma delimited text files.

On Microsoft Windows run anti-virus software and avoid opening email attachments that you are not expecting ( learn more).

Who to contact?

< bitsupport [at] jhsph.edu >

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