Notes on Filing a Dissertation at UCLA using LaTeX

I wrote my dissertation with a computer running Red Hat Linux 8.0 using GNU Emacs, latex, and pdflatex. The final version was compiled using pdflatex and printed using Adobe Acrobat (for Linux).

Some quick things to keep in mind:

Changes to the uclathes.cls file

I made one change to the uclathes.cls file, and that was the line spacing. UCLA rules say that you can have a maximum of 3 lines of text and 3 spaces (a total of 6 lines) per inch of vertical space on the page. The value that I originally had set for the double spacing was \def\@doublespacing{1.544}. But this turned out to be not enough. I commented this original setting out and set \def\@doublespacing{1.75}, which gave me just under 6 total lines per vertical inch.

From my limited experience using Acrobat on Windows, it appears that Acrobat for Windows compresses the line spacing even more than Acrobat for Linux. Therefore, you may need to increase the setting for the double spacing. Adjust it and measure with a ruler to get the right setting for your platform.

Changes to the uclath12.clo file

One annoying thing I almost missed was that the distance between the bottom of the last line of text and the top of the page number must be at least 0.75 inches. The original setting was \footskip 0.75in. But the \footskip directive measures the distance from the bottom of the last line of text to the bottom of the page number. Since the page number itself is about 0.25 inches (using the 12 point font), you need to take this into account. Therefore, I set \footskip 1in and adjusted the textheight to be \textheight 8in.