Biostatistics 140.651 and 140.652 Methods in Biostatistics I and II



Homework 1
Homework 2
Homework 3
Homework 4
Homework 5
Homework 6 and solutions
Homework 7 and solutions
homework 8 and solutions


Review notes
Lecture notes for 10/26 and oo file
exam solutions.
Delta method notes for 11/1
Chi-squared notes for 11/3
Fishers exact test notes for 11/5
More Chi-squared notes for 11/10
Case-control notes for 11/15
Exact odds ratio notes for 11/17
Multiplicity notes for 11/17
CMH notes for 11/29
McNemar's notes for 12/2
Non-parametrics notes for 12/5
Poisson notes
Review notes
Conditional versus marginal odds ratios


Verzani's notes on introductory statistics in R
Maindonald's note on introductory statistics in R
Faraway's notes on regression and ANOVA in R
Paradis' R for beginners
Burns' guide for the unwilling R user
Baron's R reference card
Short's R reference card
Lijuan has posted some R code this file regarding Problem 4 in Homework 1
Ingo's notes on R
Karl's R web page
R code for binomial likelihood lecture
Some R code for HW1
Some R code for HW2
Some R code for HW3
Yue sent this R code for help interpreting qq plots.
Some code for plotting condtional likelihoodsfor 2x2 tables

Books, papers and articles

Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis by John A. Rice; Duxbury Press.
Fundamentals of Biostatistics by Rosner; Duxbury Press
Modern Applied Statistics with S by Venables and Ripley; Springer.
Flawed Statistics in Murder Trial May Cost Expert His Medical License
The Wainer article on displaying data badly (requires access to Jstor).

Famous statisticians/mathematicians that we'll talk about

Abraham de Moivre Jakob Bernoulli Thomas Bayes
Karl Friedrich Gauss Francis Galton Ronald Fisher
William Sealey Gosset Karl Pearson John Tukey