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Thursdays | 12-1pm | W2017

Date Presenter Title/Materials Pizza?

9/13/2012 Jenna Krall

Justin Bieber: an introduction to mathematical models

Paper (attached): Tweedle, V. Smith?, RJ. "A mathematical model of Bieber Fever: the most infectious disease of our time?" Understanding the dynamics of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases using mathematical models, 2011.
Other references:
Wikipedia page on SIR models
The impact of media coverage on the transmission dynamics of human influenza
Contextual reference


9/27/2012 Hilary Parker

10/11/2012 Haochang Shou

Predicting the future disease progression: the DREAM-Phil Bowen ALS Prediction Prize4Life Challenge.

The relevant website is here.




Fang Han

(Meeting at Gemone Cafe)

Title: what is new for big data?

Big time era has come and we wish to know what is new for big data in theoretical point of view. In the first part of this talk, I will provide a general review on what happened in high dimensional statistics in the latest twenty years from four perspectives: (i) why not CLT? (ii) why sparsity? (iii) what is the large deviation technique? (iv) the parametric and nonparametric rates.
Motivated from the first part, in the second, I will provide my opinion on what is new for big data given high dimensional statistics.
In the third part, I will focus on one specific case to illustrate my point.

A reference is http://www.imstat.org/aos/AOS1037.pdf.


12/6/2012 Shanshan Li

bivariate marker measurements
and ROC analysis




1/31/2013 Bruce Swihart

Color talk

Here is a page of links from color-related talk.


RGBland (first link) will be discussed Jan 31st in Journal Club.

The R packages colorspace (which complements RGBland) and RColorBrewer will be discussed Feb 7th in Computing Club.


2/14/2013 Alyssa Frazee

"What Makes You Click: An Empirical
Analysis of Online Dating"

and the paper can be found here: [link]


2/28/2013 Yingying Wei

iASeq: integrative analysis of allele-specificity of protein-DNA interactions in multiple ChIP-seq datasets
The paper can be found at here: [link]


3/28/2013 Jiawei Bai and Bing He

Physical activities: how to measure and what to measure


4/11/2013 Yenny Webb Vargas

Causal Analysis for Mediation



4/18/2013 Room change: E6519
[Biostat and Epi Joint Journal Club]
Zhenke Wu and Nan Guo

Multiple Imputation in Clinical Trials

[Rubin DB (1996)--JASA]
[Burton et al. (2007)--Clinical Trials]
[Sterne et al. (2009)--British Medical Journal]