MPH Capstone - TA Office Hour Sign-up

Danielle Clark - Epidemiology

Spring 2013 MPH Capstone students should use this form to sign up for epidemiology office hours with me. Check the calendar to make sure your requested time slot has not already been filled. Please also consider office hours with one of the other TAs: Alyssa Frazee (biostatistics), Amanda Mejia (biostatistics), Carleigh Krubiner (health policy, bioethics, international health and health systems, HIV/AIDS, resource allocation), or Elizabeth Rhoades (qualitative research, climate change and health, American Indian health).

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when signing up:

- My office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6pm-8pm, on skype.

- Sign up for only one 30-minute slot at a time

- Sign up at least 2 days in advance

- Be descriptive about your project and what kind of help you are seeking

- Use only the form below to sign up - requests cannot be made via email

- I will confirm requests via email. I will include my Skype contact information and further meeting details in the confirmation email.

- I will update the calendar below with scheduled meetings each evening

- If you need to cancel an already-scheduled meeting, please make every effort to do so at least 24 hours in advance, in fairness to other students.