Essentials of Probability and Statistical Inference III-IV


Daniel O. Scharfstein, ScD
BSPH E3547
Office Hours: W 12:00-1:00

Teaching Assistants

Zebin Wang
BSPH E3033
Office Hours: By Appointment

Elizabeth Sarker
BSPH E3037
Office Hours: By Appointment

Class Meeting Times and Location

Times: MW 10:30-12:00
Location: W20333
Zoom: Meeting ID: 448-093-661; Meeting Password: 429674

Lab Time and Location

Time: F 11:00-12:00
Location: Genome Cafe (E3609)
Zoom: Meeting ID: 239-787-160; Meeting Password: 502714

Course Description

This course provides a modern introduction to using data to draw inferences about parameters from statistical models. Focus will be on point estimation, confidence set estimation and hypothesis testing from both frequentist and Bayesian perspectives.

Intended Audience

The course is designed for MHS and ScM students in Biostatistics.

Teaching Style

Boardwork will be used for the presentation of the materials. No laptops are allowed, except if they are being used to take notes. .


Working knowledge of calculus. 140.646-647

Method of Student Evaluation (Per Term)

There will be four problem sets. Students may collaborate on all but one designated problem set. For collaborative assignments, students may give advice to one another, but work should be carried out and written up independently. No collaboration will be allowed on the designated problem set. You will be asked to sign on honor statement on each independent assignment. Cheating will result in a failing grade. There will be an in-class exam. The independent homework assignments and the exams will be weighted twice the collaborative homework assignments.

Recommended Textbooks