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  Program Director:  Thomas A. Louis, PhD
Program co-Director:   Roger Peng, PhD

Sponsoring Agency NIH-National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Program Description
Our program is located in the  Department of  Biostatistics and is supported by faculty in the
Departments of Biostatistics,   Environmental Health Sciences,   Epidemiology,  Health Ser-
vices Research,  Molecular Microbiology and Immunology.  Through coursework,  seminars,
participation in working groups and directed  doctoral research we educate the next genera-
tion of leaders in the development and application of biostatistical science to environmental
research and policy. We integrate biostatistics and biostatisticians with other environmental
sciences in an educational environment that promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration lead-
ing to  development and  implementation of  statistical de-signs and  analyses that address

high-priority needs.  Graduates will  effectively  communicate   substantive  findings to scien-
tists,  policy makers and the general public.  Program and affiliated faculty are  committed to
achieving these goals.


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