My current research projects include:

I provide biostatistical advice and analysis for the Improving Care of ALI (Acute Lung Injury) Patients (ICAP) cohort study; project run by Dale Needham. The ICAP is a multi-site prospective cohort study that aims to evaluate the long-term outcomes of ALI survivors. My work here has included a) assessing the relationship between post-ICU depression and physical dependency with in-ICU exposures and post-ICU function among ICU survivors, b) assessing the relationship between weight loss in ICU and nutrition, c) assessing the relationship between compliance to Low Tidal Volume Ventilation and long-term survival, d) understanding ICU-acquired weakness in CICU survivors.

In the past, in work sponsored by Elan and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, I developed a web-based tool that allows researchers to forecast the prevalence, DALYs and costs associated with Alzheimer's disease. In addition, researchers may assess the impace of potential interventions which delay the disease onset or progression. The forecasts may be global, for the US or for a specific country or region.

The web-based tool is based on an incidence to prevalence two-stage model for Alzheimer's disease developed by Brookmeyer et al (2007) (reference).

The web-based tool is found here.