Simina Maria Boca Department of Biostatistics · Bloomberg School of Public Health · Johns Hopkins University
Center for Computational Genomics

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Biostatistics electives
140.642. Design of clinical experiments.
140.644. Practical Machine Learning: Methods and Algorithmics.
140.840. Special Topics: Probability and Objective Bayes.
140.840. Special Topics: Bayesian Methods.

Genetics, genomics, bioinformatics electives
140.637. Biological Databases and Distributed Computing.


Core courses
140.840. Special Topics: Decision Theory.
140.773. Foundations of Statistics I: The Likelihood Paradigm.

Biostatistics electives
140.778. Advanced Statistical Computing.
140.840. Special Topics: fMRI Data Analysis and Time Series Data Analysis.
140.840. Special Topics: Advanced Longitudinal Data Analysis, Likelihood Inference, and Latent Variable Analysis.


Core courses
140.840. Special Topics: Advanced Methods in Biostatistics V-VI (Now 140.755-756).
140.771-772. Advanced Statistical Theory I-II.

Biostatistics electives
140.641. Survival Analysis.
140.655. Longitudinal Data Analysis.
140.656. Multilevel Modeling in Public Health.

Genetics, genomics, bioinformatics electives
140.638. Biological Sequence Analysis.
340.664. Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology.
340.630. Population Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology.
340.631. Association Studies in Genetic Epidemiology.
340.632. Linkage Analysis in Genetic Epidemiology.

550.865. Public Health Perspectives on Research.


Core courses
140.751-754. Advanced Methods in Biostatistics I-IV.
140.671-672. Introduction to Probability Theory I-II.
140.673-674. Introduction to Statistical Theory I-II.
140.776. Introduction to Statistical Computing.

Biostatistics electives
140.632. Introduction to the SAS Statistical Package.

Genetics, genomics, bioinformatics electives
140.636. Perl for Bioinformatics.
140.688. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor.
260.602. Introduction to Bioinformatics.
260.605. Genomics.

550.860. Research Ethics.