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The Louis I. and Thomas D. Dublin Award

Dr. Thomas Dublin, a 1941 graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Department of Epidemiology, established this award in 1999 to honor his father, Dr. Louis Dublin, a distinguished biostatistician who was a forerunner in his field and served as a vice president at the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in New York.  Knowing that biostatistics and epidemiology have long been united by a tradition of collaboration, exemplified by the notable partnership of Lowell Reed and Wade Hampton Frost, who investigated the dynamics of epidemics and disease distribution in populations, Dr. Dublin felt strongly about establishing a fund to support students with a joint focus in these two disciplines.  Therefore, the Louis I. and Thomas D. Dublin Award for the Advancement of Epidemiology and Biostatistics supports those students whose research focuses on the effective use of statistical reasoning and methods in epidemiology. 

Award winners are usually announced by the first of May each year.


2015: Yibing (Oliver) Chen (Advisor: Martin Lindquist; Co-Advisor: Elizabeth Ogburn); Kathryn Risher (Advisor: Shruti Mehta; Co-Advisor: Justin Lessler)

2014: Jiawei Bai (Advisor: Vadim Zipunnikov); Kelly Searle (Advisor: William Moss)

2013: Jenna Krall (Advisor: Roger Peng); Andrew Azman (Advisor: Justin Lessler)

2012: Kirsten Lum (Advisor: Tom Louis); Henrik Salje (Advisor: Derek Cummings)

2011: Jennifer Feder Bobb (Advisor: Roger Peng); Andrew Jaffe (Advisor: M. Daniele Fallin)

2010: Isabel Rodriguez-Barraquer (Advisor: Derek Cummings); Russell Shinohara (Advisor: Constantine Frangakis; Co-Advisor: Mei-Cheng Wang)

2009: Sandrah Eckel (Advisor: Thomas Louis); Maria Tellez-Plaza (Advisor: Ana Navas-Acien)

2008: Marco Carone (Advisor: Daniel Scharfstein); Bryan James (Advisor: Thomas Glass) and Bruce Swihart (Advisor: Brian Caffo)

2007: Susan Hutfless (Advisor: Christopher Cox); Sheng Luo (Advisor: Ciprian Crainiceanu)

2006: Kelly Benke (Advisor: M. Daniele Fallin); Yun Lu (Advisor: Scott Zeger) and J. Morel Symons (Advisor: Alyson Geyh)

2005: Alison Gump (Advisor: Janet Holbrook) and Xiaojun You (Advisor: Ron Brookmeyer)

2004: Sonja Berndt (Advisors: Kathy Helzlsouer and M. Daniele Fallin) and Sorina Eftim (Advisor: Francesca Dominici)

2003: Betty Doan (Advisor: Yin Yao); Laura Podewils (Advisor: Eliseo Guallar) and Ravi Varadhan (Advisor: Charles Rohde)

2002: Jean-Paul Chretien (Advisor: Josef Coresh); Nikhil Gupte (Advisor: Ron Brookmeyer)

2001: Felicity Boyd (Advisor: Marie Diener-West)

For more information, please contact Mary Joy Argo, Academic Administrator (Phone: 410-614-4454; FAX: 410-955-0958; email:


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