Regression for Dependent Ordinal Data

The lion's share of the ORD_EE module was written by Patrick Heagerty when he was a graduate student at Hopkins. Then Paul Rathouz wrote a few S functions and alot of very helpful documentation about Patrick's module. I wrote a somewhat verbose help document in LaTeX (which can be downloaded below) and made the module available on the web.

Students in the Department of Bisotatistics at Hopkins should refrain from downloading this module because it already exists on the network and is easy to access.

Abstract from User's Guide

This document will walk the user through an elementary example which uses estimating equations for correlated ordinal data. This document is written at a Masters in Biostatistics level and will outline details of Heagerty and Zeger's technology and the software Heagerty developed to process this technology. The statistical methods extend the proportional odds model for regression analyses with ordinal response data to clustered (ordinal) reponses. With this technology, we can easily model nested data, such as in hierarchical models, or longitudinal data. Logistic regression is a special case of the proportional odds model and was extended to clustered responses by Zeger and Liang in 1986.

Download the rest of the User's Guide in LaTeX.


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