PSpack - A software package for evaluating the causal effect of a longitudinal treatment on
a binary outcome using the method of principal stratification.

The authors have no responsibility for any consequences of use of this software.

Frangakis, CE, Brookmeyer, RS, Varadhan, R, Mahboobeh, S,  Vlahov, D, and Strathdee, SA. (2003). Methodology for evaluating a partially controlled longitudinal treatment using principal stratification, with application to a Needle Exchange Program.  Research Report NEP-06-02, Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University. To appear in: The Journal of the American Statistical Association.
[Full text - PDF ]

REQUIRED DOWNLOAD: (Windows); (Unix)

The user should download one of the above archived files and unzip it to get the following files:

pspack.pdf    -    contains detailed documentation on using PSpack
routines.r    -    contains the R functions required for data preparation and other analytic tasks
routines.f    -    contains Fortran source codes    -    contains a library of executable functions (for Unix only)
routines.dll    -     contains a library of executable functions (for Windows only)
sample.r    -    commands from a sample session to illustrate the use of PSpack
datawide    -    datafile required to run the sample session (use the command "dget" to read it into R)

The user should consult the documentation pspack.pdf for help with using the software.  They should also read the above-referenced paper by Frangakis et al. (2002)  to understand the assumptions involved in this framework.

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