Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD


Academic Service

Department of Biostatistics

Fall Seminar Series, 1991
Fall Seminar Series, 1997
Admissions Committee, 1997-2000
Subcommittee on Public Health Education, 2003-present
Grand Rounds Seminars, 2004-2005
Faculty Search Committee (Chair), 2006-2007

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Commitee on Affimative Action Program, 1991-1996
Dean's Working Group on Aging, 1997
Ad Hoc Subcommitte on Student Environment, 2000
Ad Hoc Committee on Behavioral Sciences, 2000-2001
Ad Hoc Committee on the M.H.S. Program, 2001
Search Committee, Cognitive Health and Aging Program, Department of Mental Hygiene, 2002
Search Committee, Chair, Population and Familty Health Sciences, 2002-2003
Academic Ethics Commiee, 2004-present
Faculty Senate, 1994-1996; 2005-2007
Dr. P. H. Subcommittee, 1997-2003; 2005-2007
Appointments and Promotions Committee, 2007-present

The Johns Hopkins University

Provost's Committe on the Status of Women Academic Issues Subcommittee, 1993-1994