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 Biostatistics 140.624
  Statistical Methods in Public Health IV

 Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Fourth Term
March 23 - May 20, 2021

                                                                                  Class Notes
                SIS E-mails                                        Syllabus

(Begin Tues, 23 March - Thurs, 20 May; Reminder: NO CLASS March 30 and April 22

10:30 am - 12 noon  Tuesday, Thursday

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JT LABS for review, questions, and help with e-Quizzes:

(Begins Wed, 31 March - Wed, 5 May; NO JT LAB on 14 April)


 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM




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Consulting Labs for Biostatistical Consultation on Course Projects

        (Begins Wed, 24 Mar - Wed, 19 May for PM labs; Mon, 29 Mar for AM labs)
        NO TA LABS on Tues Mar 30, Wed Apr 14, Thurs Apr 22, Fri Apr 30)

     Mon - Fri         2:30 PM  - 4:30 PM    One on One 20 minute Zoom sessions 
     Mon, Wed         9:00 AM  - 11:00 AM    One on One 20 minute Zoom sessions 

Log-in to schedule a Daily TA Help Session
Sign-up for one 20-min session initially – if there are openings after 2:30 pm, you may sign-up for another session

Before your 1st Consulting Session, please click to read the instructions


James Tonascia, PhD

Laura Wilson, ScM

Katherine Yates, ScM

Emily Sharkey, MPH, MBA

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Huan Chen (hchen130@jhu.edu)
Wanlu Chen (wchen111@jhmi.edu)
Xiang Chen (chenxiang@jhu.edu)
Leon Di Stefano (lds@jhu.edu)
Weixiang Fang (wfang9@jh.edu)
Martina Fu (mfu15@jhmi.edu)
Xiaoxi Hu (xhu58@jhmi.edu)
Joshua Mak (joshua.mak@jhu.edu)
Guoqing Wang (gwang37@jhu.edu)
Siruo Wang (swang171@jhu.edu)
Zitong Wang (zwang238@jhmi.edu)

Mark Chiveral (mchiver1@jhu.edu)
Biostatistics Office: E3534

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Jiyang Wen (jwen22@jhu.edu)
Boyang Zhang (bzhang34@jhu.edu)
Jingran Zhu (jzhu69@jhu.edu)
Hamadou Coulibaly (hcoulibaly@jhu.edu)
Ashley McCook (aamccook2018@gmail.com)
Nikki Shen (nshen4@jhmi.edu)
Adam Pittman (apittma6@jhu.edu)
Diefei ("Vicky") Chen (dchen95@jhmi.edu)


Copies of lecture materials are distributed during class. Copies of
most materials are available for downloading in the "Classes"
section of the course web site.

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Userid:  (given in class)

Password:  (given in class)

Contains course schedule, office hours, lecture notes, quizzes,
solution keys, data sets, and Stata examples

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  • Based on 4 things:  e-Quizzes, draft abstract, project, exam
    • Exam is optional, but required for grade of A
  • Weights with and without exam

  • With Without  
    20% 33% e-Quizzes (5 of these)
    39% 65% Data analysis project
    1% 2% Preliminary abstract
    40% N/A Exam


  • Each class is webcast
  • Each JT LAB is webcast
  • Link to webcasts available on CLASSES tab
  • Link to recordings available on CLASSES or E-QUIZZES tabs

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John H. McDonald: Handbook of Biological Statistics, 3rd Edition, 2014, Sparky House Publishing, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

  • Online: Introduction - Handbook of Biological Statistics (biostathandbook.com)
    Printed version for $18: Handbook of Biological Statistics (lulu.com)
    You can also download a free pdf of the print version.
    Non-commercial reproduction of this content, with attribution, is permitted; for-profit reproduction without permission is prohibited.

Also recommended (optional):

  • Bernard Rosner: Fundamentals of Biostatistics, 7th Edition,
    2011, Duxbury Press, Pacific Grove, CA  
  • Hamilton, L: Statistics with Stata, Updated for
    Version 12, 2013. (available at link)
  • Michael N Mitchell: A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics (A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics: Mitchell, Michael N.: 9781597181068: (avaliable at amazon.com)

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To expand students' abilities to conduct and report the
results of valid statistical analysis of quantitative public
health information.  To develop more advanced skills
in multiple regression models, focusing on linear, logistic,
and log-linear models and on techniques for evaluation of
survival and longitudinal data.

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