Open Positions

I am looking for students and postdocs interested in working on projects related to the health effects of environmental exposures as well as statistical computing. Students should send me an email (rdpeng at to discuss possible research topics.


Roger D. Peng Principal Investigator


Name Degree/Year Thesis Title Current Position
Josh Keller Postdoctoral Fellow Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
J. Coco Liu Postdoctoral Fellow Marketing Science Researcher, Facebook, Inc.
Francine Leech Visiting Student Decision Analytics Associate Consultant, ZS
Maggie Matsui Visiting Student Content Developer, DataCamp
Helen Powell Postdoctoral Fellow Research Associate, University of Maryland
Amber Hackstadt Postdoctoral Fellow Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
Kate Freeland ScM 2015 Predicting principal stratum membership in randomized environmental interventions Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
Jenna Krall PhD, 2014 Statistical methods for linking the chemical composition of particulate matter to health outcomes Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Brooke Anderson Postdoctoral Fellow Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
Detian Deng ScM, 2013 Studying the association between high-resolution air pollution time series and respiratory health outcomes Data Scientist, Google, Inc.
Renjie Chen Visitor Seasonal variation in the acute effect of particulate air pollution on mortality in the China Air Pollution and Health Effects Study (CAPES) PhD student, Fudan University
Jennifer Feder Bobb PhD, 2012 Statistical Analysis of Multisite Time Series Data for Estimating Health Effects of Environmental Exposures Assistant Investigator, Group Health Research Institute
Aderonke Akinkugbe MPH, 2010 Health effects of short term exposure to particulate matter: Effect modification by prevalence of cardiovascular disease among Medicare enrollees, 1999--2002. Assistant Professor, VCU School of Dentistry
Howard Chang PhD, 2009 Statistical methods for estimating the health effects of coarse particulate matter Associate Professor, Emory University
Katherine Lin MHS, 2009 A method to geocode rural addresses and post office boxes: Application to a study of drinking water nitrate exposure and cancer incidence Research Associate, JHSPH Department of International Health
Jemma Walker MSc (Lancaster University, UK), 2006 Seasonal variation in the association of fine particulate matter and hospitalisation rates in 204 United States counties London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Francesca Dominici Harvard School of Public Health
Michelle L. Bell Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Elizabeth Matsui Johns Hopkins School of Medicine