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  1. weathermetrics: Functions to calculate dew point temperature, relative humidity, and heat index and to convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit. All functions are based on equations and algorithms used by the United States National Weather Service.
  2. mvtsplot: A function for plotting multivariate time series data
    [git repository]
  3. cacher: Tools for caching and distributing statistical analyses in R
    [git repository]
  4. SRPM: A package development and management system for distributed reproducible research
  5. NMMAPSdata: Daily mortality, air pollution, and weather data from the National Morbidity, Mortality, and Air Pollution Study.
  6. NMMAPSlite: NMMAPS data made available via 'stashR' databases
  7. filehash: A file-based hash table for R
    [git repository]
  8. filehashSQLite: Filehash databases using the SQLite database backend
  9. cacheSweave: Caching computations in Sweave
    [git repository | Supported in Sweave.sh]
  10. stashR: A Set of Tools for Administering SHared Repositories
  11. gpclib: An R package for clipping complex polygons
    [git repository]
  12. simpleboot: Simple bootstrapping routines in R
    [git repository]
  13. ptproc: An R package for analyzing multi-dimensional point process models.

Workshops and Short Courses

  1. Methods for Reproducible Research, University of Minnesota, 2013
  2. Methods for Reproducible Research, ENAR, 2012
  3. A Crash Course In R, ISEE (Barcelona), September 2011
  4. Advanced R Programming, JHU Center for Computational Genomics, May 2010
  5. Methods for Reproducible Research, ENAR, San Antonio, March 2009
  6. Integrating Computing into the Statistics Curriculum, UC Berkeley, July 2008
  7. NSF Computing in Statistics Workshop, MSRI, May 2007
  8. Summer Program in Statistics for Undergraduates, UCLA, June 2006
    Short course on statistical analysis of air pollution and health data

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