Statistical Methods for Psychosocial Research, JHSPH (Fall 2009)
TAed under Jeannie-Marie Leoutsakos and Qian-Li Xue, grading homeworks and facilitating lab sessions.
Evaluation of Tests for Diagnosis, Prediction, and Screening, JHSPH (Spring 2009)
TAed under Steve Goodman and other faculty members, grading homeworks and exams for 40 students and holding lab sessions.
Survival Analysis, JHSPH (Spring 2009)
TAed under Mei-Chang Wang, organizing and holding lab sessions to review course concepts and grading homeworks.
Data Analysis Workshop I-II, JHSPH (Winter Inst. 2009)
TAed under Mike Griswold and Rick Thompson, facilitating student use of Stata in the labs of this compressed two week course.
MPH Capstone Project, JHSPH (Spring 2008)
Held office hours and assisted graduating MPH students in completing their capstone projects, particularly advising students in the use of statistics and data analysis.
Longitudinal Data Analysis & Multilevel Models, JHSPH (Spring 2008)
TAed under Francesca Dominici, teaching 70-80 students the theory and methods of LDA and Multilevel Models. TAs were responsible for website maintenence, writing of homeworks and exams, grading of homeworks and exams, and teaching weekly labs on the use of Stata in LDA and other topics.
Undergraduate Introduction to Biostatistics, JHU (Fall 2007, 2008)
TAed under Elizabeth Johnson and Leslie Cope, teaching basic epidemiologic and probability concepts, simple parametric tests, and regression models. TAs taught weekly labs on these concepts and their implementation in R software.
Introduction to Statistical Reasoning I-II, JHSPH (Summer Institute 2007, 2008, 2009)
TAed under visiting instructors Michelle Shardelle and Natalie Blades in a compressed three week course.
Introduction to Statistical Reasoning I-II, MoPH, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (May 2007)
Instructed 23 members of the Ministry of Public Health in Kabul, Afghanistan. I taught basic concepts in parameters and variance, epidemiology, study design, parametric tests of continuous and discrete data, survival analysis, linear regression, and logistic regression in a compressed three week course.
Methods in Biostatistics I-IV, JHSPH (Fall 2006 - Spring 2007)
TAed under Brian Caffo and Karen Bandeen-Roche, teaching intermediate level statistical methods, including some theoretical concepts of estimation such as the delta method and best linear unbiased estimation. TAs graded homeworks, taught bi-weekly labs, and held office hours for 40-50 students.