Hopkins Biostatistics Student Computing Club (2010-2011)

Our group gives biostatistics students of all levels the opportunity to develop computing skills useful for statisticians. We offer one hour sessions approximately every two weeks on topics in computing, hosted by faculty members and senior students in the Department of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. These sessions will take place every other Thursday from 12:00-1:15 in W4019, unless otherwise mentioned (our Student Journal Club meets on Fridays).

This year, we would like to focus the fall term on essential biostat computing topics (R, emacs, LaTeX, etc.). Topics are listed below and will be updated as schedules are finalized. In the spring, we would like to cover other topics (past ideas have included Sweave, Bibtex, etc.). As always, the topics are flexible, so please send ideas to us.

If you are not on the biostat listserve and would like to receive e-mails regarding computing club, please let us know.

Comments? Suggestions for topics? Contact Paige Maas or Kirsten Lum.

Room: W4019

Day   Time   Topic   Notes   Pizza?
Thu 9/9 12:00-1:15pm Computing Resources and Tips (Roger Peng, students), W4019 PC Notes | Mac Yes
Thu 9/23 12:00-1:15pm R Tips (Roger Peng), W4019 Yes
Thu 10/7 12:00-1:15pm LaTeX Tips (Tom Louis), W4019 Tom's files Yes
Thu 10/28 12:00-1:15pm Using the Computing Cluster (Enigma) (Marvin Newhouse), W4019 Marvin's Slides Yes
Thu 11/11 12:00-1:15pm Good Practices for Running Simulations (Ingo Ruczinski), W4019 Ingo's Notes Yes
Thu 12/2 12:00-1:15pm Making Your Own Website (Brian Caffo and Jeff Leek), W4019 Caffo | SMNT | Leek | Genomics Yes
Thu 2/3 12:00-1:15pm Playdate (Jeff Goldsmith and Hilary Parker), W4013 Yes
Thu 2/17 12:00-1:15pm CANCELLED No
Thu 3/3 12:00-1:15pm Beamer / Tips for Making Great Presentations (Jenna Krall and Kirsten Lum), W3030 Template Yes
Thu 3/31 12:00-1:15pm Tips for using the cluster (Bruce Swihart), W2015 Yes
FRI 4/15 12:00-1:15pm Sweave (Roger Peng), W3008 Example Yes
FRI 4/29 12:00-1:15pm Tips for working with HUGE datasets (Ciprian Crainiceanu), W3008 Yes

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