140.656.01 - Fourth Term 2009
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


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  1. Introduction to Multi-level models
    Reading: Bingenheimer 2004 Ann Rev Public Health

  2. The two stage normal-normal model
    Reading: Goldstein 1996

  3. Linear random intercept models
    Reading: DerSimonian and Laird 1986

  4. Linear models with random intercept and slope
    Reading: Goldstein 1993

  5. Three Levels variance component models for continuous outcomes
    Reading: Flay 1995
    Extra lecture: Random effects models for non-nested clusters

  6. Applications of Multilevel Models for continuous data to the National Morbidity Mortality Air Pollution study
    Reading: Dominici et al. 2006 JAMA, Dominici et al. 2003 EHP, Takkouche 1999, Everson and Morris 2000

  7. Logistic Regression with Random intercept
    Reading: DeBacker 1998

  8. Applications of Multilevel Models for binary data to Profiling of Health Care Providers
    Reading: Hofer et al. 1999 JAMA, Normand et al. 1997 JASA, Cho 2003

  9. Three levels Logistic Random Intercept Model Cross-level interaction Review
    Reading: Rodriguez 2001

    Course Review

  10. Marginal vs. RE models and Ordinal responses - Guest Lecture (Dr. Griswold)

  11. Poisson regression with random intercept and slope

  12. Applications of Multilevel models for count data to disease mapping